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"Comp Time"A Big "No-No" in the Private.

• Mark the checkbox “Change Overtime Election to: Comp Time” or vice versa if the employee is going from Comp Time to Pay. • Select Save. Please Note: o Not all state agencies allow included employees employee group 1 to accrue FLSA comp. If you are unsure about whether a particular agency allows accrual of FLSA comp time, check. Policy No. ULC.1999.003 OVERTIME AND COMPENSATORY TIME FOR NON-EXEMPT STAFF EMPLOYEES 1. PURPOSE 1.1 The Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA states federal legal provisions covering employee classification. Similarly, you can award “comp time” to exempt employees on an hour-for-hour or any other basis you so choose, like our reader’s company did. Unlike comp time for non-exempt public employees, your policy can set whatever accrual cap or no accrual cap on “comp time. However, see “Compensatory Time for SHRA Exempt Employees” in the “Related Subjects” section below. SHRA Temporary Employees: All SHRA temporary employees, including student employees, are FLSA non-exempt and are eligible to receive only overtime pay; they cannot receive compensatory time. Wage and Hour Division WHD FLSA2004-24NA. October 15, 2004. Dear Name, This is in response to a request from your organization for an opinion concerning the application of section 7o of the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA to a compensatory time bank which includes both FLSA and non-FLSA compensatory time.

Are you accurately paying your employees in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA? According to a recent survey, released by TSheets, one-third of employers say they have paid their employees compensation time, or comp time, instead of overtime, a common violation of the FLSA. The survey polled 500 business owners on their pay []. Comp time refers to the practice of allowing an employee to take extra time off from work after a long week, instead of overtime pay. What you may not know, is that in most situations, the practice is illegal, if you are working for a private, non-government employer, and you are a "non-exempt" employee who is otherwise eligible for overtime pay.

Police, emergency response, and seasonal employees can earn a maximum of 480 hours of comp time or 320 hours of paid overtime.Units have full discretion to reasonably restrict the amount of comp time that can be accumulated with a maximum of 240 hours or 160 hours of actual time worked for all nonexempt employees and the length of time a comp time-off balance can be carried. Units can. FLSA wage and overtime rules do not protect exempt employees. Although your employer must pay you a guaranteed weekly salary of at least $455 with no deductions for time-off, there is no requirement to pay for extra hours worked. Section 541.604 of the FLSA says that an employer may offer overtime compensation -- including comp time -- to. Incredibly, 17.4% of companies say they don’t offer overtime or comp time – clearly an illegal policy. The fact that the employees agree to the comp time policy – or even say they prefer a comp time policy – is not a defense. The obligation to pay overtime to hourly, non-exempt workers is a matter of federal law. It cannot be. Understanding Overtime/Compensatory Time and the FLSA Workweek Overtime/Compensatory Time and the FLSA Workweek Under the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA, non-exempt employees earn overtime or compensatory time at one and one-half times the amount of time physically worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

Compensatory time, or "comp time," is a system that nonprofits may use in certain limited circumstances to provide time off in lieu of overtime pay to non-exempt employees. Comp time generally is. Typically comp time is used to refer to an equitable idea, where someone works when she isn’t supposed to, and in turn is given different time off as “comp time.” Often such comp time is taken off the books, such as an “extra” vacation day that is not logged as such. That can mean the employer has time records that are purposely. Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA: Police and Fire Employees. Learn about special issues in applying the FLSA to police and fire employees such as the option to define an extended workweek, FLSA application to small departments, different ceilings on accrual of compensatory time, and rules for volunteer versus paid on-call fighters. Compensatory time, commonly referred to as comp time, is the paid time off that is given to non-exempt employees instead of overtime pay. A company which has a comp policy allows its employees paid time off work at the same rate that they would have paid them if they were to pay for overtime.

Also, public sector employers may have comp time for both exempt and non-exempt employees subject to certain requirements. If you are an hourly, non-exempt employee who works for a private employer with a comp time policy, then your employer is violating the FLSA. Employees who prove violations of the FLSA are entitled to their unpaid overtime. c. Time spent by the driver in picking up other passengers and transporting them to a specific location is work time and therefore compensable. d. Time spent by passengers traveling in a car outside the normal workday hours is not compensable. FLSA & TRAVEL TIME GUIDELINES FOR NON-EXEMPT EMPLOYEES & FAMILIES.

Comp time is and always has been an illegal form of compensation in the private sector. When the Supreme Court’s 1985 decision in Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority resulted in the FLSA being applied to cities and counties, Congress amended the FLSA. Awarding comp time for extra hours worked is a common strategy that can backfire. The FLSA lays out strict rules for what basis can be used for awarding comp time, when it's illegal to give comp. The reason comp time is prohibited under federal law is that it allows an employer to get out of paying an employee overtime as required under the FLSA. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires a non-exempt employee to be paid time and one-half for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a single week. When overtime hours are “banked” an. My supervisor has deemed that GS-09 and GS-11 positions are not eligible for overtime pay and has been providing only comp time for overtime worked. We believe this is incorrect. Do you have any information that will tell us when it's proper to receive comp time and when overtime pay.

COMP TIME Arrangements where an employee receives amounts of time off also known as compensatory or “comp time” in place of overtime wages are not permitted for non-exempt employees of private employers. 9. FLEX TIME, COMP TIME AND OVERTIME PAY FOR NON-EXEMPT EMPLOYEES • What does being a NON-exempt employee mean? It refers to employees who are not exempt from the overtime provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act. So, they are eligible to be compensated for any hours worked over 40 hours in a work week.

compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay for irregular or occasional overtime work, but only for an FLSA exempt employee whose rate of basic pay is above the rate for GS-10, step 10. No mandatory compensatory time off is permitted for wage employees or in lieu of FLSA overtime pay. Time Limits FLSA-exempt employees. Compensatory Time in Michigan: A significant difference between state and federal law is the ability to provide workers with “comp time” instead of paying overtime. Only governmental employers are allowed to use comp time under federal law, however, private employers may be able to do so under Michigan overtime pay laws. An employer may use.

Learn about Connecticut wage and overtime laws from the Lore Law Firm and make sure your rights are not being violated. Click here or call us today to for more info at 866-559-0400. a Section 7o5 of the FLSA provides that any employee of a public agency who has accrued compensatory time and requested use of this compensatory time, shall be permitted to use such time off within a “reasonable period” after making the request, if such use does not “unduly disrupt” the operations of.

  1. Non-FLSA Comp Time Employers sometimes grant employees compensatory time off under circumstances where it is not re-quired under the FLSA, such as when an employee works on a holiday even though the employee has worked no overtime in the workweek and the employer grants the employee another day off. This is con-sidered “other” compensatory.
  2. According to the U.S. Department of Labor “The use of comp time instead of overtime is limited by Section 7o of the FLSA to a public agency that is a state, a political subdivision of a state, or an interstate governmental agency.” Thus a private sector company CANNOT compensate a non-exempt employee by the use of comp time.

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